Skip the Roll – Discover Maine Lobster in its Purest Form

Maine Lobster Roll in Steamed BunIn the United States many regions are famous for specific foods, but none more so than Maine for its sweet, rich lobster. Up and down the coast, from white-table cloth restaurants to quaint seafood shacks, chefs offer their interpretation of the best way lobster should be eaten. While eating Maine lobster directly from the shell can be a wonderful (yet messy) experience, there are as many other lobster dishes as there are fish in the sea. Natalie’s Lobster Tasting Menu takes lobster preparation to an all new level, really allowing the flavors of this delicacy to shine.

Maine Lobster: A Chef’s Inspiration

Executive Chefs Chris Long and Shelby Stevens, who have both worked at Natalie’s since the spring of 2013, bring a broad range of experience, character, and innovation to the menu. The food prepared by Long and Stevens tells an elegant story of the rich beauty and abundance of the Maine coast. Using local ingredients, infused with New England nostalgia and modern culinary techniques, the end product is truly a celebratory experience.

In the fall of 2013, Chef Long took home the coveted title of Maine Lobster Chef of the Year with his stunning dish with a complex technique: lobster poached in butter, served with grilled maitake and oyster mushrooms and a corn-and-parsnip ragout. This award led the Natalie’s team to create a menu that stood out.

Bounty of Maine and the Freshness of the Season

While the menus change often, due to seasonality, below is a sample of what the restaurant’s signature tasting menu looks like:

Course 1: Lobster Crab Pea Mint Radish Salmon Roe or Lobster Melon Almond Heart of Palm
Course 2: Steamed Bun Lobster Miso Cucumber Basil or Miso Lobster Turnip Soy
Course 3: Lobster Bisque Sambal Carrot or Lobster Bisque Ham Hock Fresno Red Pepper
Course 4: Grilled Lobster Speck Truffle Asparagus Lentil Fiddlehead or Lobster Corn Merguez Fingerling Potato
Course 5: Choice of Seasonal Dessert

Highlight each bite of your meal at Natalie’s with a complementary pairing from our curated wine list. At Natalie’s, you’re invited to select from more than 200 labels, all expertly selected to pair with the menu.

Whether you are vacationing in Vacationland, on a coastal culinary vacation, or are a Maine resident, don’t forget to skip the roll and experience Maine lobster in its truest, most delicious form. Like an adventure through the lush scenery of Maine, your culinary journey at Natalie’s will be an experience that will last a lifetime. To make a reservation, call (207) 236-7008.

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