Sweater Weather: Warm Up with a Signature Cocktail (or Two!)

Seasonal Cocktail at the Camden Harbour Inn

The leaves of autumn are long gone, the holiday bustle is over and all we are left with is the bitter cold of a Maine winter; well, at least for a few more months. When the weather becomes almost a little too unbearable, there is only so much we can do: turn our collar to the wind, find a friendly place to settle in, and enjoy a cocktail.  Whether you are a lone ranger, or a romantic looking for Valentine’s Day specials, we think we have just the place for you. (more…)

Down East Fall Foliage Food Tour

Natalie's Fine Dining Experience in Camden MaineThere is nothing quite like autumn in New England. If you prefer to take a long weekend trip this fall, there is nothing better than driving up the coast of Maine. Before planning your trip, always check with Maine’s foliage web page for accurate and up to date foliage conditions. Maine’s color-coded chart indicates very low, low, moderate, high, peak and past peak conditions to ensure the most ultimate scenic views.  (more…)

The Summer’s End Seafood Stops

best seafood in maineCoastal Maine is the hub for high-quality seafood. Boasting one of the largest coastlines in the country, the ocean has provided food and a way of life to Maine people for ages. There may be more seafood restaurants on the coast of Maine than any other state. So where can you find the best seafood in Maine? Today we discuss the top premier seafood restaurants in the state that will be sure to make your summer soar. (more…)

In Search of the Best Lobster Roll: 2017 Edition

best maine lobster rollsIn Maine, two there are two universal questions: how much snow did you get? And, where do you get the best lobster rolls? Since winter feels like a distant memory, let’s focus on the latter. Maine is synonymous for top notch lobster rolls. Our restaurants, from upscale brick and mortar businesses to small seaside shacks, have perfected its preparation. Below we list the best Maine lobster rolls you should try this summer. (more…)

Culinary Vacation Destination: Maine

culinary vacation Are you looking for some direction or ideas on your next great vacation? With culinary vacations becoming more trendy than ever, it’s about time that you get on the mouthwatering bandwagon too. Why take a culinary vacation? For starters, you will discover a myriad of new flavors. You will also meet like-minded people discovering the same foodie hot spots. A culinary vacation allows you to immerse yourself into the local culture of where you travel. Maine is foodie heaven. Below we discuss Maine as a premiere culinary vacation destination. (more…)