A Holiday Guide to the Best New England Desserts

Best New England Desserts ChristmasThe holiday season is sweet, but with a little help from luscious desserts, it can be so much sweeter! If you’re planning to spend the holidays in New England, then you’re already expecting some of the quintessential joys of New England in winter, including snow dusted scenery, relaxing by a fire, and layering warm clothes to venture out into the chilly air. This holiday, why not entice your other senses with the taste of the best New England desserts.

Discover Luxury Desserts You’ll Never Forget

The best way to experience the desserts of New England is to leave the preparation up to an award-winning chef. In the comfort of a 5-star restaurant in a picturesque New England setting, you can relax and savor each bite. Whether you’re planning to surprise your sweetheart, or simply treat yourself, there’s no better time to reserve your spot at Natalie’s during this upcoming holiday season.

Simple, Sweet and Inspired by New England

If you don’t live in New England and you simply don’t have time to visit and sample the nostalgic flavors of New England Desserts in the places of their origin, don’t fret! New England desserts can be made at home if you’re feeling inspired and have the patience to mix, bake, and prepare these traditional delicacies.

Say “Whoopie!” to This Delectable Dessert

Like a cake in sandwich form, a whoopie pie consists of two chocolate “buns” with a center of light and fluffy frosting. Since making whoopie pies involves precise measurements and lots of mixing, it’s helpful to have a kitchen assistant like your spouse or child. Who knows, maybe baking whoopie pies could become your family’s newest holiday tradition.

Experience Old New England with This Traditional Treat

Indian pudding dates back to the time before America was settled. Simple crops like corn grew rampantly, making this grain an easily accessible ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. Traditional Indian pudding combines cornmeal, molasses, and spices like cinnamon for a dessert that is as comforting as it is easy to make.

Skip the Mix, Bake a Batch of Memories

Cookies and the holiday season go hand in hand, whether you choose to give them as gifts or enjoy them with friends and family. When it comes to baking cookies inspired by New England, nothing beats the classic Tollhouse cookie which originated in Whitman, Massachusetts in the 1930’s. The cookie recipe is quick, but the memories you’ll make as you bake them will last a lifetime.

Start a New Holiday Tradition

Whether your new holiday tradition is traveling to New England experiencing the regionally-inspired flavors or desserts prepared by an award-winning chef, or staying cozy in your own home and creating a New England dessert with your family, trying the mouthwatering flavors of the North East will make your holiday season even sweeter.

Photo: Victoria Watkin-Jones

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