The 5 Best Restaurants in Camden, Maine

Red wine glassesChoosing the 5 best Camden, Maine restaurants is no easy task, and like any ‘best of’ list, certainly open to debate. Foodies and aficionados alike may take umbrage, but one thing that all can agree on—no experience in Camden, Maine would be complete without an evening of fine dining, and you will not be disappointed in any of these local favorites. (more…)

Summer’s Best Happy Hour Spots

happy hour placesWhether the first day of a long-planned holiday or the end of a long week of work, finding great happy hour places is a fun way to drink, mingle, and relax. Happy hour is a ritual that friends and neighbors, visitors and vacationers, enjoy year round, and summertime can be especially inviting. Sitting on a patio overlooking the harbor, a lakeside veranda up in the mountains, a quaint street side café, or hanging at your favorite local, Maine offers some of the best happy hour spots in the country. The following short list will not disappoint. They are some of the best happy hour places to visit in your travels through Vacationland! (more…)

Maine’s Best Lobster Roll: 2018 Edition

best maine lobster rollThe challenge in finding the best Maine lobster rolls is less a quest and more a happy tap dance to food trucks, lobster shacks, and some of the best restaurants anywhere to sample the most delicious lobster in the world. Whether heading ‘upta camp’ or ‘goin’ down east way,’ Maine and lobster are synonymous. More lobster is caught in Maine than anywhere else in the country. There’s nary a restaurant menu without it. Quite arguably, it’s the defining cuisine of the Pine Tree State (along with the wild blueberry and the Aroostook County potato). Lobster is big business—hundreds of millions of dollars worth—and a way of life. In the spirit of healthy competition, subjective as it is, it also provides us with our annual search for the best Maine lobster rolls, summer 2018 edition. You will enjoy the visiting at any of the following 5 establishments … and the lobster even more! (more…)

Maine: A Foodie Vacation Paradise!

Oysters on iceThese days, with the rise of gastro-tourism, people are experiencing culinary journeys to places far and near. With it, foodie vacations are on the rise. That bodes well for Maine. The ‘Pine Tree State’ has long been known as “Vacationland’ for its natural beauty. Glacier-carved lakes, rolling mountains, deep forests, and a majestic, rugged coastline have drawn visitors for generations. Now you can add to that list what Mainers already know. People everywhere are fast discovering the state as a culinary destination—a veritable foodie vacation paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie vacationer or a vacationer in search of foodie experiences, here are five culinary destinations to help in planning an itinerary as you weave your way down east. Bon appétit, and enjoy your culinary adventure! (more…)

5 Maine Restaurants with Stunning Views

Diners eating on Natalie's porchEveryone wants a meal with a view, and many Maine restaurants offer one. From its mountains, lakes, and rolling farmlands, to its rugged coastline, the Pine Tree State has long been renowned for its natural beauty. Today, as its food scene continues to gain national and international prominence and recognition, the art of fine dining has become a destination of and in itself. With that in mind, here is a short list of 5 of the top restaurants with stunning views. (more…)