Where to Spend Thanksgiving in Maine

Natalie's Fine Dining Experience in Camden MaineNow that the leaves have all changed from summer green to the golden hues of autumn, it’s time to begin preparing for the season of holidays. Thanksgiving has traditionally welcomed the colder season by bringing loved ones together to enjoy a hearty feast. Whether you traditionally host or just attend, Thanksgiving preparation takes time and can often result in a level of stress that diminishes the enjoyment of the holiday. This year, why not try a new Thanksgiving tradition which will allow you to enjoy the holiday in a picturesque setting? (more…)

The Best Restaurants in New England 2016 Edition

Natalie's Restaurant in Camden, Maine. Hanger steakFrom the historical cities of Connecticut all the way up the rocky coast of Maine, there is an incredible selection of seasonally-inspired cuisine from award-winning culinary artists that should be on every foodies must-do list. Each state in New England offers their own twist on traditional and innovative dishes or cocktails that have left diners with an unforgettable experience. Here we share some of the best restaurants in New England and which dish or ingredient that makes each state special. No matter how long your drive may be, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. (more…)

Foodie Vacations Are The Most Delicious Trend of 2016

Natalie's Open Table Award and DishPrepare for a vacation that will be sure to delight any foodie! Cities that are voted as the up-in-coming for the food and drink scene are becoming popular vacation destinations every year. An array of five-star spots may come to mind when thinking about the restaurant options while staying in larger cities, but have you ever thought about spending some time in the lesser-known, smaller cities? Give these a try when researching where to go on your next culinary vacation. (more…)

3 Reasons to Experience a Fine Dining Restaurant on Your Vacation

Natalie's Wine Selection - ObsidianWhat does ‘fine dining’ mean to you? Many images may come to your mind, such as white tablecloths, dressy waitstaff, classical music, and divinely crafted cocktails. In reality, fine dining is an art, especially when comparing it with a casual dining experience. But fine dining is not limited to celebrations, like anniversaries, promotions, or graduations. It is an experience. (more…)

Skip the Roll – Discover Maine Lobster in its Purest Form

Maine Lobster Roll in Steamed BunIn the United States many regions are famous for specific foods, but none more so than Maine for its sweet, rich lobster. Up and down the coast, from white-table cloth restaurants to quaint seafood shacks, chefs offer their interpretation of the best way lobster should be eaten. While eating Maine lobster directly from the shell can be a wonderful (yet messy) experience, there are as many other lobster dishes as there are fish in the sea. Natalie’s Lobster Tasting Menu takes lobster preparation to an all new level, really allowing the flavors of this delicacy to shine. (more…)