3 Reasons to Experience a Fine Dining Restaurant on Your Vacation

Natalie's Wine Selection - ObsidianWhat does ‘fine dining’ mean to you? Many images may come to your mind, such as white tablecloths, dressy waitstaff, classical music, and divinely crafted cocktails. In reality, fine dining is an art, especially when comparing it with a casual dining experience. But fine dining is not limited to celebrations, like anniversaries, promotions, or graduations. It is an experience.

From a memorable atmosphere to the last delicately place morsel on your plate, there is nothing quite like a long night out at an award-winning restaurant where every dish is a chef’s vision. Here are 3 reasons why you should add a slow food and fine dining to your vacation agenda.

1. Celebrate Today
Today, the world moves at such a fast pace, it’s no wonder fine dining may be thought as a celebratory event. We say, why not celebrate the present? Make the most of your vacation by spending time with your partner or with a big group of friends around a table. Cherish each bite and enjoy each sip of perfectly paired wine. Relaxing with a seasonal, expertly prepared meal lets you know that this moment is worth celebrating.

2. Create Memories of a Lifetime
There is nothing more luxurious or memorable than an incredible meal shared with fantastic company. From each taste to every irresistible scent,  a fine restaurant allows you to experience some of the world’s finest flavors in a single bite. A culinary vacation allows you to savor a menu which celebrates an entirely fresh approach to the very best ingredients for years to come.

3. Treat Yourself to the Best
A fine dining experience is only as good as the best, locally sourced ingredients that the chefs can find. So this is the time to ask your waiter questions about what is in season, what are the chefs recommendations, etc. Splurge on your favorite wines, rare ingredients, and most luxurious desserts because treating yourself will also offer you the optimal dining experience.

Natalie’s: Redefining the Fine Dining Restaurant Experience

Indulge in all of the above and more at Natalie’s Restaurant at the Camden Harbour Inn. Here You will discover the tastes, flavors, and inspirations of the award-winning chefs, Chris Long and Shelby Stevens. Together, they will take you on a culinary journey through New England and beyond. Are you ready to reserve your table? Call today at (207) 236-7008. Your experience awaits!

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