Discover The Ideal Destination for Culinary Vacations

Natalie's in Maine the ideal Culinary VacationIf you’re a devoted foodie, you make it your mission to journey the earth looking, looking high and low, for the most authentic regional dishes, the hottest chefs that magically finesse tradition and fusion onto a single plate, and the most divine drinks one can indulge in. To find these special places before the crowds do makes the experience even sweeter. While Maine may be nestled at the most northeastern corner of the United States, it’s a budding scene for culinary vacations.

You may be thinking that the only culinary expertise that Maine has to offer is the iconic lobster and Allen’s coffee flavored brandy. While Maine is known for lobster and the people are mad for coffee brandy– don’t be deceived by what you think you know. (more…)

Natalie’s Restaurant Launches New Website

Serrano Porch Dining at Natalie'sNatalie’s, one of the most loved fine dining restaurants on the Maine Coast welcomes both new guests and repeat patrons to explore their attractive new website, which launched this month. The attractive new site was designed with a customized layout in order to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with features like streamlined navigation and advanced functionality throughout, allowing ease of access to menu information, news and upcoming events, and special offers.